THE SCAN2FX DEPTH FIXER module allows users to fill in holes in point clouds,
and export/import depthmaps.

SCAN2FX Depth Fixer provides unique tools to fill in holes in your point clouds, and export/import depthmaps.

To fill more complex shapes, SCAN2FX Depth Fixer offers the ability to import mesh structures (with or without texture) as additional point cloud fill or inserts. The optional SCAN2FX Mesh Modeler together with SCAN2FX Depth Fixer enables creating complex fill shapes straight in SCENE and converting them to point clouds.

The SCAN2FX Depth Fixer module enables the export of Z/depth maps and according color pinhole camera images (for applications such as deep compositing and VFX).

SCAN2FX Depth Fixer also enables reimporting externally modified color panoramas and depth maps to generate a new point cloud.

SCAN2FX Depth Fixer is an add-on application for FARO SCENE and requires FARO SCENE 2019.1.0.

SCAN2FX Texture will utilize the full panorama images allowing to texture meshes even where no 3D point cloud was captured (backgrounds, windows, water, etc.).


  • Fill in surfaces with holes (e.g. planar windows, glass, water, mirrors) with proprietary ‘Edit Depthmap’ workflow.
  • Export depthmap and color panoramas for applications such as deep compositing, VFX and VR.
  • Re-import modified color panoramas and depthmaps to generate a new, modified or fixed up point cloud.
  • Export optional masks to identify holes in depthmaps.
  • Export optional normalized depthmaps with a selected start and end distance.
  • Import OBJ meshes (with or without color texture) as point clouds for additional fill or other applications.

    In combination with the optional SCAN2FX Mesh Modeler, SCAN2FX Depth Fixer adds the capability to convert faces and primitives into point clouds straight from within the SCAN2FX Mesh Modeler menu. This way holes can be filled straight in the point cloud to obtain a seamless mesh later. To colorize, the newly created point clouds utilize the optional SCAN2FX Texture module.

    In combination with the optional SCAN2FX Photo Projector, high resolution photos can be aligned to imported meshes (e.g. from handheld scanners) for texturing or point cloud colorization with SCAN2FX Texture. Together with one of the separately available SCAN2FX Exporters, SCAN2FX also offers a powerful workflow to 3D paint imported meshes utilizing those photos.

    Note: SCAN2FX Depth Fixer depthmap generation has been optimized for full 360 panorama scans.

    SCAN2FX Mesh Modeler and SCAN2FX Photo Projector are available for purchase separately and are not included with SCAN2FX Depth Fixer.